Danny Phantom Fanon Wiki
Also Known As Yori (by Danny)
The Blue Water Serpent (Herself)
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Ninja/Ally/Hero
Marital Status Dating Zhou
Known Relations Kushina (Mother)
Unnamed Father (whereabouts unknown)
Yoshio (Older Brother; Deceased) †
Mizu (ancestor; merged with the ocean)
Zhou (Boyfriend)
Residence Amity Park, Earth
Voice Actor Mae Whitman
First Appearance Queen Bee Spectra (Debut)
Universe The Two Phantoms

Yumi is an original character within The Two Phantoms series, created by Darksith250.

Background Information[]

At Japan when she was an infant, Her father is a aquarist, and her mother works in the marketplace. everything changed when Guys in White attacked her and the Water Ninja Village, During the Raid Guys in White Killed her Brother Yoshio who was at a very young age.

Perhaps because of her parents, she played with sea animals that have been rescued. When she was six years old, she met Zhou, Ashi, and Toshiro together they came friends until they moved away, and Yumi eventually made it all the way to being a Water ninja when she was 10 years old.


Yumi is a Japanese girl with shoulder-length shiny black hair, black, narrow and blue eyes.

her causal clothing is a blue shirt that has sleeves reaching just below her elbows and a low neckline. The back of the shirt exposes her back and a small portion of her spine area which is binded together with strings. There is a black singlet which stops at her belly button underneath which can be seen from behind. Yumi wears black capris which is held by a white belt and also wears white flats.

In school she wears a light blue with plaid skirted traditional Japanese serafuku, or "sailor" school uniform.

Her voice is very similar to Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.


When Yumi uses the Scroll of Water, She gains water powers. Even if she doesn't have the Scroll of water with her, She can still use her powers.

Hydrokinesis: He can generate and throw balls of water. as well as control water from the scroll or from her hands.

Cryokinesis: Due to water Scroll, She is able to use ice as well.

Ice blade: Standard.

Ice bullets: Standard.

Ice claws: Standard.

Ice column: Standard.

Ice creeper: Standard.

Ice disc: Standard.

Ice gauntlet: Standard.

Ice hook: Standard.

Ice line: Standard.

Ice shield: Standard.

Ice spear: Standard.

Phase change: Standard.

Streaming the water: Standard.

Water bullet: Standard.

Water cloak: Standard.

Water filtering: Standard.

Water jet: Standard.

Water manipulation: Standard.

Water pressure manipulation: Standard.

Water wall/water shield: Standard.

Water whip: Standard.

Wave: Standard.

Bubble: Standard.

Ice dagger: Standard.

Ice dome: Standard.

Ice drill: Standard.

Ice floor: Standard.

Ice ladder: Standard.

Ice prison: Standard.

Ice ramp: Standard.

Ice sled: Standard.

Healing: Standard.

Water spout or "water vortex": Standard.

Water boxing: Standard.

Water ball: Standard.

Razor rings: Standard.

Octopus form: Standard.

Partial ice whip: Standard.

Water dome: Standard.

Water drill: Standard.

Water gimbal: Standard.

Water pinwheel: Standard.

Water ring: Standard.

Remote water: Standard.

Ice fissure: Standard.

Tsunami: Standard.

Water compression: Standard.

Armless water: Standard.

Steam manipulation: Standard.

Solutions: She can manipulate any mass of liquid consisting of some water.

Water run: Standard.

Water filtering: She can can purify polluted water back into clean drinking water.

Underwater Propulsion: She is able to propel herself underwater.

Water steps/springs: She is able to use water to act as a spring/steps to move forward when there is no solid ground to stand on.

Aquatic life manipulation: With enough concentration, Yumi can control marine life.

Mermaid Form: If Yumi is underwater, She can turn herself into a mermaid, from the waist down, she has a dark blue horizontal fish-like tail with light-blue scales and pale blue fins and a matching V-shaped waist-line resembling fish-lips that reveals her midriff and her belly button. she also has on gains tidal markings on her face and torso, when going on land or above water, she turn back into her human form.

Superhuman Durability: In her mermaid form, Yumi is far more durable than normal humans and even certain aquatic/marine creatures; for example, she is able to withstand the immense underwater pressures. She does not retain this ability while she is in her human form.

Superhuman Speed: In her mermaid form, Yumi is much faster than normal humans and even certain aquatic/marine creatures, as she can move amazingly fast in the water, even for a sea animal, She does not retain this ability while she is in her human form.

Underwater Breathing: In her mermaid form, Yumi is able to metabolize oxygen from the water, which negates the need to surface; although she is certainly more than capable of breathing on land. She does not retain this ability while she is in her human form.

Thermoendurance: As a mermaid form, Yumi is highly resistant to extremely warm/cold temperatures and environments. She does not retain this ability while she is in her human form.

Speed Swimming: In her mermaid form, Yumi was capable of swimming much faster than normal humans and even certain aquatic/marine creatures in terms of undersea travel or sea travel.

Aquapathy: Yumi is capable of speaking with aquatic fauna; as she can understand and communicate with aquatic/marine creatures.

Puppeteering: She can control anybody by taking hold of and manipulate fluids within an organism's body, allowing her to move the person's muscles. however This technique is referred to as the darkest, most powerful, and most feared move ever used by Yumi. She promises herself not to use this move all the time, but only as a last resort.

Dragon Summoning: She can summon a Dragon made out of Pure Ice to Protect her/Battle with her/use as transportation/as a companion.


Lunar eclipse: Yumi's weakness is its dependence on the moon. Although she gain power from the moon, with water types at its zenith during full moons, the moon's absence during a lunar eclipse results in a complete loss of her water ability.

Lightning: Impure water is a natural conductor of electricity.

Mobility limit: While in her mermaid form, Yumi can't stand up to walk or run, and has to crawl on land.

Scroll of Forbidden Arts[]

Scroll of Forbidden Arts.png

When the enemy is too strong, Zhou, Ashi, Yumi, and Riku carries four scrolls called "Scroll of Forbidden Arts" to help them in battle. The Scrolls contain four scrolls of paper that contain the dark powers of Forbidden Elementjitzu.


  • Power Augmentation: The Scrolls of Forbidden Art can increase a user's powers. The Forbidden art is incredibly stronger than regular elemental art. Increasing an elemental power cause the elemental user to emit fire hair and glowing eyes, which matches their signature color.
    • Orange for Zhou (Fire), Turquoise for Yumi (Water), Green for Riku (Earth), and Gold for Ashi (Air).
  • Power Bestowal: Due to The Scrolls of Forbidden Art increasing it user's power, it gives its user incredible power, as Kenji stated it "gave us powers we had never felt before. It felt as if we had reach our true potential in an instant".
  • Corruption Inducement: Consequently, the scrolls induces aggression and corruption, seemingly causing users to become addicted to it via prolonged usage until the user turns evil. It slowly corrupts the user with prolonged usage and requires great will-power to overcome. Side Effects include...
    • Demonic Tones
    • Corrupted Elemental Powers
    • Hesitations
  • Realm and Time Traveling: The Forbidden Scroll can allow the user to banish or send someone/something to another realm and time.
  • Elemental creation: Allows the user to create things alive out of out of their respective element and control them.

Voice Actor(s)[]

Mae Whitman does the voice of Yumi.


"Mizu, the first Elemental Master of Water and my ancestor, leapt on to the beasts and saw with her own eyes the source of sea monsters' powers. Two strange objects which two wore upon their forehead. Mizu knew what she had to do. But alone, Mizu could not stop the monsters. She was killed and her spirit had to become a greater power, the ocean itself. She fused and merged with it, Mizu defeated the monsters but unfortunately in the transformation process she could not revert back to her original form as this act is irreversible and permanent, and costs her to lose her humanity, a state she could never return from. Mizu had to lose herself to the elemental power of water and became one with the sea. She sacrificed herself to save the world and disappeared forever never to seen again." - Yumi telling her ancestor's story to Team Phantom.


  • Her outfit and look is reference to Yori from Kim Possible as well as her nickname.
  • Yumi's casual clothing is reference to Rei Kurosawa from Fatal Frame III: The Tormented, Rei Kurosawa, Reika Kuze, and Angela Foley are all voiced by Kimberly Brooks.
  • Yumi's favorite color is blue, also indicated by her clothing.
  • She and Zhou shares similarities with Katara and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Jake Long and Rose form American Dragon: Jake Long.
    • Both characters voiced by Mae Whitman and Dante Basco.
      • Both use elements such as Water and Fire.
  • Yumi losing her older brother Yoshio during Guys in White's Raid in her village is reference to Kya's Death in Avatar: The Last Airbender and Depa Billaba's Death from Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021).
  • Yumi's Birthday is in Winter on December 21.
  • Her relationship with Download is reference to Donatello and April O'Neil from Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012).
    • Both characters voiced by Rob Paulson and Mae Whitman.
  • Her Ice Dragon is Reference to Boreal from Lego Ninjago