Vlad Plasmius
Also Known AsVlad Masters, Wisconsin Ghost, Vladdy, V-Man, Cheesehead, One Seriously Crazed-Up Fruit Loop
RaceHuman, Ghost 
Known RelationsDani Phantom
Maddie Fenton (alternate timeline)
ResidenceGhost World, Amity Park, Earth
Voice ActorMartin Mull
First AppearanceBitter Reunions
UniverseDanny Phantom: Wraith

Vladimir "Vlad" Masters, or Vladimir "Vlad" Plasmius serves as the main antagonist throughout the series, mostly as an enemy to Danny. Vlad's primary goal is to kill his former friend, Jack Fenton because he blames him for ruining his life, and/or "steal" his wife, Maddie, because he is madly in love with her and desperately wants a family. He then returns in Danny Phantom: Wraith as a redeemed villian and a much more brooding and stoic character as he feels regret and remorse for his past actions.