Too Much Company
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date January 1st, 2010
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"Too Much Company" is the first episode of Season One of the Fanon Episodes series.


Vlad makes a company making valves which are actually ghost-destroying bombs to destroy Danny.


The episode starts out with Vlad planning a sneak-up plan on Danny, but it's the usual (tip-toe, trap Danny, destroy "idiot" father). Then he went and did his plan but terribly failed. Danny locks the ghost zone entrance on Vlad's head.

Then Vlad thinks of another plan, a plan for Danny to eat explosive pie. But Danny refuses it and Vlad accidentally eats it and blows up. And then Danny tells Vlad that he knows when he is going to strike.

After going to the hospital, Vlad drinks his coffee and thinks. "What's non-violent, but violent?" he said. Then he relaxes and turns on his spy-cam showing Danny's house. Then he hears Maddy (Danny's mom) needs to buy new valves and Vlad gets an idea. Real working ghost-destroying valves, a.k.a. Dalv Valves.

Then he creates his idea and he poses as a statue in the hardware store holding two boxes of Dalv Valves and trying to sell them to Maddy for free. Then Maddy walks up to him and gets the valves happy that they can destroy ghosts, too. Then Maddy left and Vlad was relieved that he had to worry no more about Danny.

At Danny's house, Maddy comes home and shows the valves to Jack (Danny's dad). Then he was happy, his career was starting to get less tiring! But Jazz (Danny's sister) eavesdropped and worried. Was Danny going to be alright? Then she told Danny the problem and the name of the company. Then Danny thought. "Dalv…" he said. And figured out that it was backward for Vlad. And then he went to investigate.

At Vlad's house, Danny barged in and then Vlad laughed. Danny frowned and then explained the whole problem. Then Vlad replied "Yes, and I expected you to barge in here…" Danny asked why. Then Vlad captured Danny and said "…so I can destroy you". Then Vlad turned into ghost form. But clever Jazz sucked Vlad into the Fenton thermos. And Danny was free. "That was too simple" said Jazz smirking.

At Danny's house, Danny hid the valves in his room so he could use them to blow up his enemies, but as Vlad said, it was only just the beginning…


Anim-Dalv-Valves Vlads-Valve-xQoU

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  • "Dalv Valves" is an anagram of Vlad's Valve.
  • Danny knows whenever Vlad's going to strike.