The Phantom Thief
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date July 13th, 2014
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"The Phantom Thief" is episode 10 of Season Two of the Fanon Episodes series.


Princess Sam is more than upset when she finds out that she is betrothed to Prince Dash, a hunt-loving prince who loves to witness executions. And speaking of executions, one was scheduled on that very day. Apparently, a criminal dubbed “The Phantom Thief” (named for his mysterious ways of escaping) by locals has been captured. He was to be beheaded, but all hell breaks loose when he escapes.

A few days later, Sam finds herself still thinking about the thief and his dramatic escape. While (unwillingly) going on a carriage ride with Dash, Samantha is captured by a gang of thieves who plan to take advantage of her and kill Dash. Just when Sam is separated from Dash and is starting to think she’s done for, the Phantom Thief comes along and saves her. Not wanting to go back to her home, Sam befriends the thief and joins his band of thieves, earning the nickname “Sam” (also discovering that the Phantom Thief’s real name is Danny). But what’s gonna happen when her parents think Sam has been kidnapped and send people to go save her and kill the kidnappers?