Penelope Spectra
RaceGhost, Human
ResidenceGhost Zone, Amity Park, Earth
Voice ActorTara Strong
First AppearanceDanny Phantom episode "My Brother's Keeper"
UniverseSam Manson: Monster Hunter

Penelope "Penny" Spectra is a character within the Sam Manson: Monster Hunter series.

Background InformationEdit

She is a vampire-like half-ghost that has the ability of disguising herself as a human and keeps her human form young and beautiful by feeding on people's misery - especially teenagers. Her true form is that of a shadow-like creature. Her last name is an obvious pun on the word "spectre." She was also the final antagonist in the first season of Danny Phantom: Rise of Spectre. She, along with the other ghosts, made a comeback in the two-part series finale of Sam Manson: Monster Hunter where they assisted Danny to turn the world intangible, causing the Cloverfield. Monster-like beast to pass through and instead hit the sun.