My Chemical Romance
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date November 11th, 2015
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Just a Kiss

"My Chemical Romance" is episode five of Season Three of the Fanon Episodes series.


It has been weeks since Danny and Sam's tragic break up, despite that they remained friends, they still don't talk much about it. Now a  somewhat new problem comes as a young new student named Angelique has caught Danny's eye. Meantime, Spectra is back, but this time she's not hunting for youth, she hunting for a mate!

Having Bertrand steal the necessary materials needed, she infects every adult male with a love potion! However, little does she know, Bertrand is still sour with her and desires to destroy his beautiful boss. Now, while dealing with love triangle/rectangle of his own, Danny must save his dad and every other man from Spectra, while save Spectra from a vengeful Bertrand!