Masters' Disasters
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date October 19th, 2012
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Ghost Knight, Ghoul Fright

"Masters' Disasters" is episode four of Season Two of the Fanon Episodes series.


It's yet another day with reporter's and fan's after an interview or an autograph regarding the famous human hybrid, and Danny's actually getting used to all of the extra attention, but when he least expects it, someone who no one ever thought to see again shows up-Vlad. As Jack tries to piece together how Vlad survived the impact of the "Disasteroid", Maddie has to keep the repulsive 42-year-old halfa off of her back.

Yet at the same time, Danny tries to figure out why Skulker and Technus are randomly appearing at places like the electronic stores and car dealers. And, of course, as he discovers later, it's just another plot to kill Jack, get Maddie, buy the Packer's, and rule the world. And guess who it's linked to? If you guessed anyone other than Vlad, you need to get your head examined.