Little School of Horrors
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date April 4th, 2014
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Danny's Final Hour
Call of the Haunted

"Little School of Horrors" is episode 8 of Season Two of the Fanon Episodes series.


Sick and tired of their rebel daughter, Sam, getting into trouble at school, the Mansons send her away to an all girls boarding school where she’ll have a better eye kept on her. And so far, Sam can’t stand the school. Her roommate, Paulina, is mean to her, the uniforms are beyond ugly and dull, the girls only want to talk about boys, and the teachers seem a bit paranoid. Not to mention all the strange things that has been happening.

The moaning at night, and the messages that say, “Let me out!” written on chalkboards between classes. One night, she and Paulina are woken up by the moaning and go to see what it is. The moaning noises are coming from a box in the basement. And when they open the box, out comes a ghost by the name of Danny Phantom. The teachers go into a panic over this.

At first the girls did too, but then something clicked in their heads…Danny’s a boy ghost. Now almost every girl in the school is hounding after him. But how is everyone going to react when it turns out, Danny supposedly murder a teacher and set the science lab on fire two and a half years ago...