These are a list of episodes on Danny & Sam. There are three seasons long, and each season is 26 episodes long. A total of 78 episodes were made.

Pilot (2010)Edit

Title Airdate Overview Title Card
Bye Bye Sam? May 21, 2010 Sam's dad Jeremy is getting a job that he can't refuse, but it means moving to Miami, Florida! But Sam will rather move in with her boyfriend Danny instead of moving there, which she does accept. This is a hour-long special.

Season 1 (2010-2012)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
1 New Teens in Town October 2, 2010 With Tucker Foley taking over as Mayor of Amity Park and Jazz Fenton getting a new job as a school nurse at Casper High, Danny Fenton and Sam Manson are very excited because three new friends are coming to Amity Park. They include Rachel Dawson (16-year-old auburn-haired girl), Diane Kiyoko (15-year-old Japanese-American girl), and Greg Osbourne (15-year-old goth boy counterpart of Sam).
2 License to Slumber October 2, 2010 With Danny and her parents out to dinner, Sam invites Diane, Rachel, and her old friends Paulina, Star, and Valerie Gray for a big sleepover.
Note: This is only one of two episodes of the series where neither Rachel, Diane, nor Greg appear together; only Rachel and Diane appear with the other girls, while Greg appears briefly.
3 Science Project October 9, 2010 Danny and Sam has a science project to be due on Friday, so all they have to do is create something special to go anywhere with. But all they need is help from Rachel, Diane, and Greg.
4 Laundry Day October 16, 2010 There's a new African Forest section opening this weekend at the Amity Park Zoo, but Danny and Sam have to do laundry first. With the help of Rachel, Diane, and Greg, they bring their laundry to the laundromat to get it clean. While they wait for the laundry to get done, Sam suggests that she, Diane, and Rachel have to go to the zoo as Danny and Greg are being responsible.
5 Bring It On! October 23, 2010 Sam wants to join Paulina's cheerleading squad while Danny and Greg try to sell candy to other students.
6 A Job Too Far October 30, 2010 There's a job fair at Casper High, but with Sam getting a new job as a T-shirt spray painter, Diane as a nail technician, Rachel as a zookeeper, and Greg as a store associate at the pop-culture-related clothing store, Danny is forced to work with a school janitor which he despises (he was trying to work with Jazz, but she rather needs help with Paulina and Star instead of him, along with his parents, but they rather need help with Dash and Kwan instead of him too).
7 Boy Trouble November 6, 2010 Sam is annoyed when her 12-year-old cousin Peter is staying for one week.
8 A New Pet March 4, 2011 Rachel has a rabbit for her pet, Diane has a Japanese Chin for her pet, and Greg has an iguana and a tarantula for his pets, but Sam wants a new pet; she doesn't want a dog (because it sleeps on furniture), a cat (because she's allergic to it), or any kind of animal. All she wants is a skunk, but they have to remove its foul-smelling scent glands first.
9 Homecoming March 11, 2011 With Danny and Sam a couple, as well as Greg and Diane, Rachel needs a new love interest so she can go to homecoming with.
10 Without Danny March 18, 2011 With Danny and their parents gone to Minnesota, Sam is worried that Danny's away for three days. At school, she explains to Rachel, Diane, and Greg that she can act out a scenario about if Danny was still there, while she dresses herself in Danny's clothes and hair. After having so many failed attempts to asking a girl to go out, she gets Mayor Tucker to act like Sam in order to make out. However, it won't be the same without Danny.
Note: This is one out of only three episodes of the series to not feature Danny even though he is even referenced, but not seen, throughout the episode when, in the end, he calls Sam that he and his parents are coming back tomorrow afternoon.
11 Dash's Visit April 8, 2011 Dash Baxter has planned to take his house off the grid by adding new solar power panels to reduce his family's electric bills, but when a rainy season ruins his plan, he starts depending Danny and Sam heavily and and apparently becomes too much of a burden to handle.
Note: Neither Rachel, Diane, nor Greg appear.
12 A Stardom is Born May 7, 2011 Sam becomes a famous model for a new lotion commercial, but a lack of free-time strains her romance of Danny and her friendship with him, Rachel, Diane, and Greg.
13 Spy Girls May 14, 2011 After Sam misses an episode of her favorite show "Spy Girl Adventures", she dreams about herself with Rachel, Diane, Paulina, and Star as members of the spy girls, who attempt to rescue Danny and Greg from Valerie as their arch-enemy.
Note: This episode is very similar to Totally Spies as are the girls' spy suits.
14 Pranked! September 10, 2011 April Fools Day arrives in Amity Park. Dash and Paulina have the ultimate prank, and Danny and Sam think they're the target.
15 Goths For a Day October 29, 2011 In order to attend the goth rave party starting Friday, Sam and Greg wear light-up gas masks they order, which Danny, Rachel, and Diane think they're strange-looking.
16 Babysitting October 29, 2011 Sam is babysitting with Peter after his parents leave to watch a movie, but Peter is forced that he wants to stay up late rather than being in bed at 8:00 pm.
Note: Danny, Rachel, Diane, and Greg are minor characters at the start of this episode.
17 Casper High Musical January 7, 2012 The gang are doing a school number called "Danny Phantom: The Musical" (inspired by "Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark"), but Danny breaks his ankle while performing. So Sam fills in for Danny as the title character for the musical, with Paulina as Sam, Mayor Tucker as himself, Jazz as Maddie Fenton, and Dash Baxter as Jack Fenton.
18 Manson Family Reunion January 14, 2012 Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg are on a flight to visit her parents in Florida for a family reunion.
Note: Danny is referenced at the beginning of this episode but not seen.
19 A Girl From Japan January 21, 2012 Danny and Sam come to Diane's to ask her why she's born here but not in Japan. She tells a story of what it's different about Japanese and Japanese Americans, where they come from, and the language they speak.
Note: Rachel and Greg are the minor characters at the beginning of this episode.
20 The Rainy Day January 28, 2012 Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg plan to go to the park for a picnic as well as the zoo, but the rainstorm ruins their plans, so they plan on eating at home and playing zoo with Sam as an elephant (using fans for elephant ears and gas mask for elephant trunk), Diane as a panda bear (using black-and-white face paint), Greg as an alligator (with an alligator puppet), Rachel as a fox (with a fake fox tail and ears), and Sam's skunk Suzette.
21 Dany Phantom March 30, 2012 When Danny Fenton is sick in bed, Sam (wearing gloves and surgical mask) reads him a fanfic comic about genderbent versions of themselves called "Dany Phantom", featuring Dany Fenton, Samuel Manson (genderbent version of Sam), and Taylor Foley (genderbent version of Tucker).
Note: Neither Rachel, Diane, nor Greg appear.
22 Animal World April 6, 2012 Having dropped off at a wildlife/marine/thrill ride park outside of Amity Park by Rachel, Diane, and Greg, Sam brings Peter to show hundreds of animal species from all over the world, watch dolphin and sea lion shows, killer whale shows, free-flight bird shows, and live animal shows, take a skyride above animal exhibits, watch him ride a camel, feed a giraffe, and pet and touch animals at a petting zoo while she goes off to do some errands, like get a picture of herself for Danny.
Note: Danny is referenced, but not seen, when Sam is given a photo of her trying to scare Paulina and Star using her fake vampire fangs, denounced by Paulina and Star.
23 Sam's Nightmare April 13, 2012 Sam is having a worst nightmare after watching a childish movie (with colorful stuffed bears, rainbows, sun, birds, butterflies, and flowers), until when Danny, while sleeping, finds out what happens, he splatters nightmare-relief paint to cure her dream.
Note: Animated cameos include many Muppet monsters including Gorgon Heap, Mean Mama, and several Frackles.
24 The Love Rectangle May 5, 2012 Danny and Diane are jealous to witness Danny and Greg being a couple.
25 Mother's Day May 12, 2012 Everyone is celebrating Mother's Day, except Sam and Valerie. Sam remembers that she and her husband had moved away to Florida and Valerie remembers her her mom, who was a paramdedic, was killed by a stray bullet in the line of duty. Meanwhile, Danny and his mom Maddie, Rachel and her mom, Diane and her mom, Greg and his mom, Dash and his mom, Paulina and her mom, Star and her mom, and Kwan and his mom are having fun at the spa hotel.
26 Memories May 19, 2012 At home, Danny tells Sam that he remembers Danny and Jazz were born to their parents at the hospital, Sam and Tucker were born to their parents the same year, how they attended Casper High, how Sam attempted to audition for the beauty pageant while wearing fake vampire fangs, how Danny saved Amity Park from Undergrowth brainwashing its residents, including Sam, using mind vines and stuff, how he and the ghosts saved the earth from the comet, and how Danny and Sam become a couple. Later on, Sam later speculates that they graduate high school at 16, they get married at 29, buy a new house, and they adopt a baby in case they're unable to have kids.
Note: Rachel, Diane, and Greg appear briefly during the end of this episode.

Season 2 (2012-2014)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
27 16 September 29, 2012 It's Sam Manson's 16th birthday, and Danny, Rachel, Diane, Greg, and Danny's parents must think of something special for her.
28 Sam's Halloween Adventure October 29, 2012 After having a Halloween party at Rachel's house and before going to bed, Sam helps a group of monsters to change their children from humans to monsters, but she has to make deals from buying a protein shake for monster agent Vicki Devine to wrestling a giant reptilian monster before midnight, when the human spell becomes permanent. Will she ever do it in time?
Note: Danny, Rachel, Diane, and Greg are minor characters at the start of this episode. Danny returns in the end. Also, various Muppet monsters, including Behemoth, Thog, Beautiful Day Monster, Shaky Sanchez, Droop, and various Frackles make animated cameos. One of the members in the audience in the wrestling scene is Undergrowth from "Urban Jungle".
29 Picture Day November 2, 2012 Today is picture day, and Sam, Diane, and Rachel want to be ready for their picture taken. Meanwhile, Danny and Greg need to get paid for tomorrow's concert, but all jobs including yard work and car-washing become out of control.
30 Greg's Bad, Awful Day November 9, 2012 Poor Greg has suffered a case of terrible luck and various bad things occur to him. For example, he's late to school, there's no milk and no cereal for breakfast, he misses his bus, he leaves his social studies book at home, and he even forgets to bring his lunch. Will Sam even try to get him back to his self before tomorrow will be better?
31-32 Tropical Storm Frank November 16, 2012 Tropical Storm Frank is heading toward Amity Park, and Danny, his parents, Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg must prepare for evacuation to Toronto. Will they survive as the storm nears? This is the two-part episode.
33 Music Video Madness November 23, 2012 Sam Manson is going to make a music video starring herself, but she needs help from Danny, Rachel, Diane, Greg, and others to do so.
34 Bad Luck Goth November 30, 2012 Greg reads a fortune on a fortune cookie making him very unlucky to him and all of his surroundings.
35-36 Danny and Sam Save Christmas December 24, 2012 It's twelve days until Christmas and Channukah, but a big snowstorm hits Amity Park causing a big delay for Christmas Eve. Will Danny and Sam try to stop a snowstorm in time for Christmas? This is the two-part episode.
37 Braces January 5, 2013 Diane gets braces to get her teeth straightened so she can become popular at Casper High, but her friends and others think she's being weird-looking.
38 Sam's New Hairstyle January 12, 2013 Sam has given a new hairstyle in ox-horns with silk brocades and ribbons in her hair (similar to Street-Fighter's Chun-Li) so she can go on a date with Danny. However, she looks different that Danny doesn't seem to recognize that it's her.
39 Car Trouble January 19, 2013 Sam wants to pass his driving ed so she can have a driver's license. Meanwhile, Danny's loses his overdue book, causing him to get locked up at the media center, until Rachel, Diane, and Greg find it in order to get him out.
40 Movie Project January 26, 2013 Danny, Sam, and his friends are having difficulty finding a monster for their homemade video movie school project, until Mayor Tucker creates his own monster with his own campaign, inspired by Sam wearing fake vampire fangs.
41 Grounded  February 16, 2013 Greg is grounded for three weeks after breaking his mom's glass coffee table. Meanwhile, Danny, Sam, Diane, and Rachel are attending tomorrow's comic book convention at the Amity Park Convention Center without Greg.
42 You Stink! May 3, 2013 Dash and Kwan agree not to shower themselves again, which causes everyone in school to smell trouble and wear gas masks due to their stench. Meanwhile, Rachel helps Greg do his book report by Tuesday.
43 Arcade Showdown May 10, 2013 Sam and Paulina compete against each other with various video games at the video arcade. Meanwhile, Diane has given a new bicycle and Greg "borrows" it, and while he's out riding he almost hits Dash who is out skateboarding, causing him to crash.
44 Brush Fire May 17, 2013 A nearby brush fire causes everyone in Amity Park, including Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg, to wear surgical masks to avoid the smoke. Will they ever stop the brush fire?
45-46 School's Out June 14, 2013 School has ended in summer, and Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg are excited for their cross-country summer vacation together. Danny is going to Cape Canaveral for a space program, Rachel is going to Animal World, Diane is going to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, and Sam and Greg are going to Goth-a-Palooza in Nevada. But first, they plan to go to Dumpty Humpty near their school. This is the two-part episode.
47 Fishing Trip October 5, 2013 Jack Fenton brings his son Danny and Greg to fishing at the ocean. Meanwhile, Sam, Rachel, and Diane spend some time alone at the city pool.
48 Beauty Talents January 18, 2014 Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Valerie are competing against Star and Paulina and other girls for a new beauty pageant. Meanwhile, Danny and Greg are wrongly accused for causing trouble in class, being sent to detention after someone caused the boys to shout out the first question of the test in annoyance. Who did it?
49 The Big Lie January 18, 2014 Peter plays soccer in Danny's house (even though he's not allowed to) when he breaks Maddie Fenton's valuable lamp, as he lies to her that a large bird came in the house and crashes into it. Meanwhile, from outside, Sam, Greg, Diane, and Rachel need money to buy a new lamp for Maddie, as they find a LOST CAT poster with a $200 reward. Will they find a cat that belongs to Star?
50 Role Reversal February 7, 2014 Sam thinks about what life would be like if she and Danny had their characteristics switched around. Then Sam would be Sam Phantom who can save the world from ghosts, and Danny will be only human.
51 Hidden Talents February 14, 2014 Sam, Diane, Rachel, Paulina, Star, and Valerie practice their new talent for Amity Park's first-annual $1000 talent contest at the City Hall: performing their own disco hit in their ABBA-style outfits. Also, Danny and Greg attempt their own talent by doing a Miss Muffet number, featuring Danny as Miss Muffet and Greg as the Spider (just like the Muppets did on "Sesame Street", with the same costume incorrectness).
52 Founding Amity Park Feburary 21, 2014 Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg tell their versions of founding Amity Park.

Season 3 (2014-2016)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
53 Senior Year June 6, 2014 It's the last year of school, and Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg (along with Dash, Kwan, Paulina, Star, and Valerie) become seniors. Danny knows that after they graduate school, they will decide which college they can move to.
54 Sam's New Car June 13, 2014 Sam finally manages to get a car of her own: a blue Convertible that Jazz once owned. But Paulina, having passed her driving test, has her own car and its pink, which makes her jealous.
55-56 Labour Day June 20, 2014 At Diane's house, Diane's mom Felicia will soon be going to labour, and Diane, Greg, and Danny take care of her. Meanwhile at Fentonworks, Sam and Rachel are spending some time together, when Sam's phone rings; Danny calls her that Felicia's baby is almost popping out. As the ambulance takes Felicia to the hospital, Jazz, Diane, Greg, and Danny (dressed in surgical masks and scrubs) help her give birth to her baby, while Sam and Rachel wait at the hospital waiting room. Later, Jazz, Danny, Diane, and Greg show up to Rachel and Sam that the baby Felicia has given birth to is a girl! Jazz then takes a picture of everyone gathered around the new baby, Gwendolyn. This is the two-part episode.
57 Five Kids and a Baby June 27, 2014 Diane's mom Felicia asks Diane that she can take good care of baby Gwendolyn, but she has a job at the nail salon, so she assigns Sam, Danny, Rachel, and Greg to take care of baby Gwendolyn on her behalf while she works there.
58 Peter Returns July 4, 2014 Sam's cousin Peter, now 14 years old, has attended Casper High because he had skipped the grades. Meanwhile, Rachel and Diane now joins Paulina's cheerleading team and Greg now becomes a basketball player.
59 Animania August 2, 2014 There's a new animation class room at Casper High, and everyone is making a new animated version of their own series called "The New Adventures of Danny Phantom" starring themselves.
Note:An episode of "The New Adventures of Danny Phantom" features every character from the original series, but animated with anime-style traditional animation.
60 Petition This  October 3, 2014 Paulina leads a petition drive to ban cell phones and MP3 players in school, but Sam hoodwinks Rachel into helping her keep cell phones and MP3 players in school in her petition drive.
61-62 RV Having Fun Yet? February 27, 2015 When Sam, Danny, Diane, Rachel, Greg, Paulina, Star, Valerie, Dash, and Kwan get chosen to perform at a giant parade in Chicago, they hit the road with Jazz, along with Sam's cousin Peter on a cross-country trip. This is the two-part episode.
63 Save the Turkeys! November 20, 2015 It's Thanksgiving in Amity Park, but all the turkeys are going to be cooked in time for a Thanksgiving dinner. Will, Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg save the turkeys in time before Thanksgiving starts?
64 Water Shortage June 6, 2016 There's a water shortage hitting Amity Park, and Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg must stop the shortage by making it rain. But first, they need to help build a rain machine to do so.
65 Memory Loss June 7, 2016 During a basketball game, Dash suffers from amnesia loses all his memories. Paulina now takes on the task of getting him back to his usual self. Meanwhile, Danny and Sam help Valerie pass the assignment of woodworking by building a table and chair.
66 Prom Date Disaster June 8, 2016 Things become out of control when Danny and Valerie become the prom King and Queen. Now all Sam has to do is get a boyfriend for Valerie so they can become King and Queen.
67 Video Game Madness June 9, 2016 After Greg, Danny, Dash, and Kwan get trapped in a video game, it is up to Sam, Diane, Rachel, Star, and Paulina to help them all out in order to start a pep rally.
Note: Undergrowth appears as one of the bosses in a video game sequence.
68 Girls' Night Out June 10, 2016 With Danny, Greg, Peter, Dash, and Kwan out of town, Sam, Rachel, Diane, Star, Paulina, and Valerie are having a fun night out eating dinner and watching Britney-Britney (from The Fairly Oddparents) in concert.
69-70 Spring Break July 11, 2016 It's spring break and Danny and Sam have some fun at the beach, Rachel is having some time with her new boyfriend Eric, and Greg and Diane is taking her baby sister Gwendolyn to show her Animal World. This is the two-part episode.
71 I See Japan July 12, 2016 Diane, her parents, and her sister Gwendolyn take Sam, Danny, Rachel, and Greg to Tokyo to visit her grandmother.
72 Living Large July 13, 2016 With Fentonworks under renovation, Danny, Sam, Jazz, Maddie, and Jack are forced to stay over at a nearby mansion. Once there, they are joined by Greg, Diane, and Rachel for their friendship.
73 Contaminated July 14, 2016 Amity Park is filled with foul-smelling filth, which causes a potential biohazard for Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, Greg, and his friends. Will they ever clean it up?
74 My Life as an Average Girl July 15, 2016 Valerie has to juggle things around, in which she has to fill out invitations for her dad's family reunion, help Paulina and Star get into cheerleading, help Dash and Kwan get into school, finish her book report, and get into her best friend's violin performance.
Note:Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, and Greg make a cameo in this episode.
75 Field Trip August 5, 2016 Danny, Sam, Rachel, Diane, Greg, Sam's cousin Peter, and all their friends are going on a field trip to Animal World.
76 Sam's Story August 12, 2016 At Peter's house, Sam reads a story for her cousin Peter about how she became a goth when she was 11, and why she loves Danny, and why she's friends with Rachel, Diane, and Greg.
77-78 Graduation August 19, 2016 Series finale. High school graduation nears for a senior class, but Danny and Greg worry that graduation means the end of their relationship with Sam and Diane. Apparently it turns out that they all graduate smoothly, and after graduation, they head off to a beach party to have a lot of fun. This is the two-part episode.