These are a list of episodes on Danny Phantom Neo 2: Universal Hero.

Season 1 (2012-2013)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
1 Neo Returns! April 6, 2012 When Danny heads into space to find a "falling star ghost", he discovers the familiar energy to be none other than Neo! Neo and Danny reunite and have a small conversation on Earth, where Neo reveals to Danny the existance of the Extinctionites. One of the Extinctionites arrive, and Danny discovers they can overshadow fuse with not just humans, but ghosts as well! Two dark Extinctionites named X-Wolf and X-Tank take control of Skulker and Dash Baxter respectively, and become Predator Wolf and Punch Tank. They prove to be tougher than Danny and Neo thought, but they are saved by the Government... or are they?
2 Cosmic Fugitives April 6, 2012 The president has declared war on all Cosmic Spirits, including Neo! Danny tries to save Neo, but because he helped a Cosmic Spirit, Danny's status from world hero goes to world fugitive! Saying goodbye to his friends and family until he can prove Neo's innocence, Danny goes with his Spacial Partner to prove they are the good guys. Meantime, they are on the hunt from a new enemy, X-Ice and his form Zero Ice! They end up getting saved by a cousin of Danny's.
3 On the Road to DC October 1, 2012 Danny, Dani and Neo go off on the road to Washington DC, to find the evil Extinctionites responsible for what has happened. Since they have the GIW looking for them, they have to go by foot to reach their destination. But a new foe, X-Weed and his form of Swamp Weed, proves to be a challenge.
4 The Rock October 2, 2012 Making a quick stop at San Francisco, the group takes a personal tour on the famous Alcatraz island, now home to an Extinctionite and his host, Walker, now X-Cannon has become Armor Cannon! Can the three get out of this prison cell in time, before they target the Golden Gate bridge?
5 Area 51 October 3, 2012 Danny, Danielle and Neo get lost, and find the infamous path to Area 51. Neo senses a Cosmic Spirit in the direction of the famous site, but since they can't get in as humans for ghosts, they must enter as its new test subjects. But inside, they discover the entire base is overshadowed by minor ghosts hired by the Extinctionites to do grunt work. Now they must battle their way... and it seems one odd old man ghost who claims to have visited space says "Only those destroyed by the Extinctionites can stop them". What does he mean? How can someone destroyed defeat someone?
6 Creature in the Canyon October 4, 2012 A monster has been attacking hikers in the Grand Canyon. Thinking it is an Extinctionite, the three check it out. But is this mystery ghost they meet friend or foe?
7 The Alien Stone October 5, 2012 The mysterious fire lizard takes the three to a small memetorite that landed on Earth several weeks ago. When the Extinctionites try to claim it for themselves, Danny Phantom Neo steps in to stop them. The stone ends up in the last place anyone will attempt to claim it... inside Danny's stomach!
8 DC - Destiny Continues November 10, 2012 Danny, Danielle and Neo arrive to Washington DC at last! While taking in some of the sites, they find a secret opening in statuery hall, where the spirits of past presidents lead them the Washington monument and the Lincoln memorial to find the hidden entrance to an unknown room in the White House.
9 Revival pt.1 The Stone's Secret March 1, 2013 Finally meeting the president, Danny discovers that he is under the watch of several of his staff, under the control of the Extinctionites. However, the group get attacked by Ninja and his new cohort, X-Computer, using Technus to become Android Computer. To save themselves, they enter the room of Lincoln, whose ghost giudes them through a portal to the Ghost Zone. And from there, he reveals the book of secrets, which tells the group about the secrets of the US, including the stone. Bascially the fact that it's made of DNA!
10 Revival pt.2 New Duo-Morph! March 1, 2013 The stone is reveaed to have been created by the Extinctionites, a combination of the DNA of all the alien races they have obliterated. Now their spirits are giving Danny the power to face the Extinctionites. The lizard spirit arrives to save them from Zero Ice with a new Duo-Morph power!
11 New York Minute March 8, 2013 When Danielle and Neo annoy Danny into going to New York, they do as much sightseeing as they can. But they notice things keep repeating, the same man falls on his butt, the same girl drops her ice cream, the same baby loses his pacifier. This all seems to be the work of X-Clock, who has taken the most powerful host yet, Clockwork! As Hourglass Clock, his time powers cannot be fully controlled yet. But now Danny Phantom Neo must go Burst Lizard before he learns how to properly use his power.
12 Stone Cold March 15, 2013 To avenge X-Ice, Malicious Ninja, whose host is revealed to be Freakshow, teams with Armor Cannon to find Danny Phantom Neo. Meantime, another alien spirit appears, this time in Maine.
13 Deep Blue March 22, 2013 Taking a boat to Rhode Island, Danny and Neo have another run in with Swamp Weed, Predator Wolf and Punch Tank. When they get knocked underwater, they meet a new ally.
14 Air Strike! March 29, 2013 Noticing a connection to Area 51, Danny and Neo take a plane to the nearest course and then head by normal ghost flight to the base once more. From there they discover the secret of Roswell and a new Extinctionite, Razor Hawk.
15 Field of Dark Dreams April 20, 2013 An accidental run in wtih Nocturne leads Danny and Neo to face their deepest desires in a dream while Predator Wolf and Punch Tank come after them. Will Nocturne get his revenge or will he be forced to release them to save his own shadowy skin?
16 Ice Cold April 20, 2013 Predator Wolf and Punch Tank corner Danny and Neo at the Rockies. It seems those mountains have gained their own snow monster... or have they?
17 The Unknown Menace May 10, 2013 A shadowy figure make his pressence in Chinatown USA. Both Danny Phantom Neo and Malicious Ninja try to find out who it is.
18 Little Girl Lost May 17, 2013 Danny and Neo save a lonely girl on the run from Predator Wolf. Danny recognizes her, but Neo senses something odd in her.
19 The Cosmic Solo May 24, 2013 Eve has a secret that may send Predator Wolf to an early retirement.
20 Revenge of Diamen June 22, 2013 Eve's secret is revealed when Danny and Neo find her ship. She is the survivor of an alien race that desires revenge on the Extinctionites. Her sole obsession takes her over, and she will do whatever to get it, even if it means hurting innocent lives...

Season 2 (2013)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
21 The Three Factions July 22, 2013 It's a three-way war between DP Neo, the Extinctionites and Eve the Cosmic Solo. With no idea how to defeat the two clashing sides, Danny and Neo decide to find the location of the Extinctionite ship. They realize if they defeat the Extinctionites, Eve will leave Earth and the planet will be saved again!
22 Forest of Eve July 23, 2013 On the road to the most recent sighitng of the Extinctionite ship, Danny and Neo get lost in the woods of the Colorado Rockies. While Vlad getting chance at revenge isn't bad enough, Eve, determined to destroy the Extinctionites herself, makes things worse.
23 Iron Wars July 24, 2013 Hourglass Clock speeds up production for their newest weapon when he begins to master his powers. What are they planning and how can Danny save his friend inside the evil Cosmic Spirit?
24 Race Back to Amity Park! July 25, 2013 The Extinctionite ship is on the way to Amity Park and Danny and Neo must beat Eve to the finish in a race that could decide the fate of Danny's hometown!
25 Mastering the Alien Stone July 26, 2013 Malicious Ninja, Android Computer and Razor Hawk, with a new accomplice named Punch Cactus, hold Amity Park in a city-wide lockdown. Now to defeat them and save the city, Danny and Neo must discover how to get more power from the Alien Stone. And the only one who knows how to do that is the survivor of the Race that created it... EVE!
26 The Extinctionite Secret August 12, 2013 Danny and Neo decide to enter the ship to find and defeat the Extinctionites. Once they enter, they discover something that could mean the end of the Earth!
27 Stop the King! August 13, 2013 Danny Phantom Neo faces off against the last remaining Extinctionites, who refuse to belive their leader is just sacrificing them.
28 Eve's Vengeance August 14, 2013 Danny faces Punch Cactus and the vengeful Eve, whose obsession with revenge is getting the best of her.
29 Face Off! August 15, 2013 Danny Phantom Neo and Eve take one final one-on-one to decide who will face off against the Extinctionites. Will it be the heroes in one trying to save the Universe... or the lone girl, who desires vengeance for her dead race?
30 Facing the King August 16, 2013 After defeating Eve, Danny and Neo face against X-King and his host, Vlad Plasmius! Now as Vlad Plasmius King, the fused hero must unlock a new power to win... or at least survive!
31 The Horror Won't End! September 9, 2013 Vlad Plasmius King reaches a whole new level of power that takes one more new form to defeat!
32 The Demon Awakens September 10, 2013 Danny Phantom Neo and Vlad Plasmius King battle until their energies awaken the very demonic beast that this whole thing is about... now Annihilation is freed!
33 Stop A.D.A.M. September 11, 2013 Annihilation, codenamed A.D.A.M. for Annihilation Demon of Absolute Monstrosity, makes his way to Amity Park. Vlad Plasmius King makes his move!
34 A.D.A.M's Mutiny September 12, 2013 Vlad Plasmius King loses control of A.D.A.M. after Danny Phantom Neo is nearly killed. And now with no one giving the mindless beast orders, there is no limit to how much he will destroy...
35 Awaken the Universal Hero! September 13, 2013 Hearing the screams of A.D.A.M's victims, Danny and Neo Unite all 8 of their forms into one!
36 The Demon Transforms October 4, 2013 A.D.A.M. morphs into a new form, and with it, he is now more powerful than ever! And the only way to defeatm is for someone to make the ultimate sacrifice.
37 Neo Suceeds Again! October 4, 2013 Series finale. It's a one-on-one between the hero of the universe and the living beast of destruction! Who will win?!