These are episodes on Danny Phantom Neo. 2 seasons contain 20 episodes while Season 3 contains 22 episodes. It brought the series to a total of 62 episodes.

Season 1 (2008-2009)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
1 Rise of the Cosmic January 21, 2008 Jack Fenton disappears from an explosion in a space station of the Guys in White. A week afterwards Danny falls into a depressed slump with his father's disappearance. Meantime, a group of alien spirits are chasing after another known as Neo, who is trying to find the "pieces of Solaris". Back on Earth, a mysterious being named Beast takes over a friend of Sam and becomes a being named "Savage Beast", who easily defeats Danny. Suffering in a humiliating defeat and feeling upset at his father's disappearance, Danny decides to leave Amity Park, that's when something from the sky falls and collides with him...
2 Enter Danny Phantom Neo January 22, 2008 Danny awakens to meet Neo, a spirit enfused with cosmic radiation from another world. Neo must now hide on Earth while he looks for the Pieces of Solaris, and asks Danny not to reveal his existance to anyone, not even his friends. Staying in Amity Park, Danny shows Neo around when Savage Beast attacks. Now Danny and a reluctant Neo must work together and combine forces in a new way Danny never knew before...
3 Flight of Fear January 23, 2008 As Neo prepares Danny for another Cosmic spirit attack. Meantime, Danny goes back ot school, where he finds Mr. Lancer is losing his faith as teacher, but now Crow, a new Cosmic Spiritm finds a host in Mr. Lancer and becomes Talon Crow! Now Danny must face his enemy, but without his ability of flight as Phantom Neo. But can Danny save Mr. Lancer?
4 The Flame of Burner Thrust January 24, 2008 Danny is once again bullied by Dash, but is helped by Neo, who pretends to be his guardian ghost. A vengeful Dash gets controlled by the evil Cosmic Spirit scientist known as Thrust, the motorcycle spirit. He takes Dash's body and becomes the puro-powered Burner Thrust. Can Danny stop this mad monster who plans to burn the city to a crisp?
5 Rock Hard January 25, 2008 With Dash Baxter missing in action, the other bullies of Casper High work harder to pester bullies. When Mikey is pushed too far, the evil Cosmic Spirit, Rock, uses him to become Tremor Rock. He plans to sink Casper High to the ground, but when his rock hard body proves too hard, literally, for Danny's attacks to harm him, what can Danny and Neo do to win?
6 The Honorless Blade February 1, 2008 To prepare Danny more, Neo has him take a fencing/sword training class, and by convincing meaning he pesters him all night for it. One student, named Ken, wants to prove to his father he can outdo his sister, and his jealousy causes Sword, one of the Cosmic Spirits, to merge with him and becomes Cutter Sword. Now Danny must out his new skills to the test.
7 Fun and Games February 8, 2008 An out of work toymaker loses his store, which Danny once visited frequently. Gerald P Etto becomes so intent on getting his store back, the evil Cosmic Puppet uses him to become Fiend Puppet. Can Danny save this old man and stop the childsh trickster with the mind of a psychopath?
8 Shocking News February 15, 2008 Professor Max, a scientist who worked on the station, comes to help with the "mysterious alien ghosts". An electrician gets shocked in more ways than one and becomes one with the evil Jolt and is trapped within Electron Jolt. Meantime, the first Piece of Solaris, the Eye of Solaris, is found, but when Jolt tells Danny he knows where his Dad is, Danny falls for a trick that literally takes him out of this world!
9 Planet Cosmos February 22, 2008 Danny and Neo both find themselves on planet Cosmos, where Neo is from and where he regains his physical form. Neo then reveals that he and the xenophobic King Solaris were friends, but when Solaris became king he made it so all lifeforms must be destroyed. Neo refuses and caused their secret weapon, the Solaris amor, to scatter to another world. Neo left to find them and use them to convince Solaris to stop the madness, but Nexus, the king's advisor, found them on Earth and attacked the station, Neo saved Jack and brought him to Cosmos, but someone has taken him. Angered, Danny and Neo end their partnership as Danny goes to find his Dad while Neo goes to Solaris...
10 Old Friends and New Enemies February 29, 2008 Danny's search for his dad leads him to a cave, where he finds his father is missing and an evil Cosmic Fusion named Knight Grave is waiting for him. THey have a brief battle, and Danny loses in every attempt to win. Mean time, Neo and Solaris meet. Solaris states that he hopes Neo has learned his lesson and has given him his destiny back, to serve the planet. Neo spends a night thinking about his times with Danny and renounces his allegience to Solaris permanently, realizng that his old friend will never return to his former self. Neo make a break for it while Danny is on the run from Knight Grave...
11 Reunited Heroes July 11, 2008 Danny and Neo meet once again, while Neo apologizes for not telling Danny everything, Danny simply ignores him and leaves. But when they come across Electron Jolt, Danny realizes how much he needs Neo's help and realizes he should ahve thanked Neo for saving his dad... thus they fuse once more and make their escape.
12 Duo-Morph, Neo's Inheretence July 11, 2008 While trying to find their way home, Danny and Neo discover a lost race that Neo is a distant descendany of, the Neo Spirits, Cosmic Spirits that merge with other powers in fused form to gain new strength. Figuring that it could help them, they decide to study the planet's secret legend, but can they do it with Electron Jolt coming in?
13 Bring on the Heat! September 20, 2008 Danny Phantom Neo releases the lost energies of the great Neo Spirits, and create a portal back to Earth. When Electron Jolt follows them, he proves to be to tough, until one of the spirits lends them its power, and thus the Duo-Morph form of Burning Dino is unleashed!
14 Forest of Darkness March 14, 2009 Undergrowth's territory in the woods is challenged by a botanist who is bonded with the evil Oak to become Dread Oak. Now Danny Phantom Neo must put his skills to the test and work alongside one of his most powerful enemies to do so.
15 Howl of Fear March 14, 2009 Neo convinces Danny to go on a camping trip to learn more about nature. However, Savage Beast is stalking them for revenge. And when a new wolf being appears in the woods, is it friend or foe?
16 Sinister Symphony March 14, 2009 A music lover with crush on the returning Ember merges with a cosmic Spirit to become Echo Guitar. Now this heavy metal maniac is forcing her into his bride and Danny must end up saving her from a malicious matrimony.
17 Storming Darkness March 14, 2009 Talon Crow returns during a week of thunderstorms. This frightening fowl's speed keeps him from getting hit with lightning while Danny is still challenged defeating an enemy he can't beat without flight but can't battle outside a fusion. But there may be something within the storm that can save them. But what happens when someone gets too nosy around Danny.
18 Burning Ambition March 14, 2009 Untrusting of Neo, the group takes Danny's tracker. When Burner Thrust arrives with a plan to absorb enough heat to destroy Danny and Neo, Jazz comes up with a plan to cut of all heat from the city. However it seems Neo has another plan.
19 Fun Hose of Horrors March 14, 2009 An abandoned Halloween fun house becomes the home for Fiend Puppet and Cutter Sword. While Danny tries to face them, Neo convinces him to ask a new girl named Miranda on a date. Because it seems Neo sees she may hold a secret of her own...
20 Cold as Ice March 27, 2009 A returning explorer from the himalayas returns with a cosmic spirit becoming Yeti Frost.

Season 2 (2009-2010)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
21 Fistful of Danger June 5, 2009 A boxer is accused of cheating when a cosmic spirit takes over his son's body and becomes Rampage Fist. Seeing this boy is only trying to help his dad, Danny tries talking to him that fighting, but has to enter literal hand-to-hand combat to save him.
22 The Depths of Danger June 12, 2009 When getting Danny to take him to the beach, Neo battles a former girlfriend fused with a female surfer as Trident Dolphin. To battle this beauty of undersea terror, a new spirit might save the day.
23 Airborne Terror June 19, 2009 Knight Grave returns, and this time he's brought with him a new Cosmic Fusion named Storming Jet, the brother of Burner Thrust who desires revenge. Now Danny must take the skies with a faster aerial form...
24 Heavy Duty July 3, 2009 Rock and Guitar return in their fused forms to pull on some literal Rock n' Roll against Danny Phantom Neo. THeir combined powers make them nead unbeatable, until the secret of recent Earthquakes is revealed...
25 Secerts In The Forest July 10, 2009 Danny goes on a date with Miranda, but they get lost and Danny must contend with the new Kunai Spider and his old foe, Dread Oak...
26 The Rise of Leaf Shinobi! July 17, 2009 Danny becomes intent on finding his new potential girlfriend until he discovers she is the host of spirit within Kunai Spider. He also learns she is a willing participent and not used. Angered that his emotions were used, a being in the woods gives Danny what he needs to win.
27 Cold War July 24, 2009 Yeti Frost follows Danny to the realm of the Far Frozen, where the only way to defeat him is to lead him to a portal to Earth, and end up in Antartica, where Yeti Blizzard has the advantage. Now a new power will help Danny fight fire with fire, so to speak.
28 Nerves of Steel July 31, 2009 A spirit battles with Danny, and refuses to lend him his strength unless Danny earns his respect. But can he do that whil Echo Guitar makes his comeback tour?
29 The Arrival of Solaris August 24, 2009 Danny and Neo have now collected 7 out of the 13 pieces of Solaris: The Eye, Helmet, Vest, Gauntlets and shoulders. Solaris comes to Earth with his advisor, Nexus. Meantime it seems Professor Max knows more than he leads on...
30 Femme Fatality August 25, 2009 Trident Dolphin and Kunai Spider take on Danny Phantom Neo, and a love sick Cutter Sword attempts to earn their affections in a one on one battle that locates a new piece of Solaris.
31 Shining Radiance August 26, 2009 Cutter Sword is defeated by Danny in his Leaf Shinobi form, when Knight Grave attempts to destroy Danny. To make things tougher, a new Cosmic Fusion named Smash Hammer comes to aid. But a new power will save the day...
32 Solaris Rising August 27, 2009 Solaris and Nexus arrive on Earth to find the other pieces. While Solaris has his soldiers search for the other pieces, Nexus meets with Professor Max and it seems they have met before...
33 Into the Night August 28, 2009 Kunai Spider goes after a piece of Solaris. Danny's loyalty to his friends is put to the test when he must choose to help Sam protect the forest or let it burn down to find the piece of Solaris.
34 House of a 1000 Puppets September 4, 2009 Danny and co. protect an old house from getting demolished. However a Solaris piece is there and it is guarded by 1000 spirits who are under control of someone. Fiend Puppet is controlling them using a piece's power. The only way to save the day seems to involve destroying the house, much to Sam's natural dislike for Neo.
35 Pride of the Fighter September 4, 2009 Rampage Fist goes berserk in his search for a true opponent. Determined to save the host, Danny faces him on his own in a boxing match. Meantime, Nexus is planning something without his master's knowing... with Professor MaX.
36 Max Madness April 5, 2010 Going to Professor Max, Danny watches in secrecy and discovers Professor Max is working with Nexus. Nexus had lied to the Cosmic Spirits that came to Earth to merge with humanw, which Solaris was against, in order to use their fused energies to power up Max's Ghost Tracker. Max also reveals he made contact with Nexus years ago and caused the explosion of the station he was on to keep people eyes from setting on him... Nexus realizes Danny was watching and sends Smash Hammer to finish him.
37 Skies of Terror April 6, 2010 Storming Jet is sent out ot find the last piece of Solaris, while Danny and Neo try to stop him. Meantime, it seems Nexus has his plan going underway, stating when its done "that fool Solaris will be finished and I will rule the universe!"
38 The Fall of Neo April 7, 2010 Nexus secretly sends two old freinds of his, Hex and Rat, two evil beings who capture children to make into a meal. They take over Sam and Tucker and become Vile Hex and Vicious Rat. As Danny attempts to save them, Nexus reveals his plan to overthrow Solaris, by enslaving the human race and use materials on Earth to absorb all the energies in the Universe. Solaris, angry at this, claims all the pieces of Solaris and uses them to create a fused form without a host, becoming Royal Solaris. His power proves to be too great, and when Danny is near defeat, Neo makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his friend... at the cost of his own life...
39 The Absence of Neo April 8, 2010 Danny mourns over his friend's loss while fighting Royal Solaris. And when Solaris sends Electron Jolt to finish him, a feature on the Ghost Tracker might save him!
40 The Revival of Neo April 9, 2010 The Tracker restores Neo to life and together they use their power once more and show Solaris he is a force to be reckoned with.

Season 3 (2010-2011)Edit

# Title Airdate Overview Title Card
41 The Spell of Vile Hex July 5, 2010 Vile Hex kidnaps the children of Amity Park and plans to feed them to her pets. Danny must save them and his friends.
42 The Wrath of Knight Grave July 6, 2010 Danny and Neo must find the whereabouts of Jack, but Knight Grave interrupts again. A new form will save them and find a clue to Jack's wherabouts...
43 The Dawn of Solaris July 7, 2010 Solaris begins his attack on Earth, however, Knight Grave's host begins to interfere when he makes an attack on Fentonworks and Jack Fenton's whereabout are revealed...
44 The Fall of Solaris July 8, 2010 To save his father and save the day, Danny must uncover the final Duo Morph and defeat Solaris in time to stop the invaders. An old friend might help save the day.
45 Rise of the 13 July 9, 2010 Nexus and Max awaken 13 of the most powerful soldiers of Cosmos, the 13 worldenders. Giving each of them a piece of Solaris's armor, the gain the power to Cosmic Fuse without the need of a host. The first decides to attack: the hideaous Ogre and his form of Molted Ogre. His power proves to be a great challenge for Danny and Neo, as none of their Duo-Morph forms can affect them... what can they do?
46 The Rise of Firestorm Dragon July 12, 2010 None of their fused forms affect Molten Ogre, Kunai Spider has been abandoned by her masters, the cities are being wiped out by this monster... nothing Danny can do is helping. And when the finally reformed Kunai Spider attempts to help, Danny refuses, seeing she would betray him again. Yet when she sacrifices herself to save the hero... a stronger power is unleashed...
47 The Smile of Darkness July 13, 2010 A seemingly harmless circus is the home of the worldender named Jester, now called Reaper Jester. Instead of amusement for his crowd, he has trapped them all in a coma that creates horrific nightmares that he simply laughs at, wanting enjoyment from their pain. Danny is trapped in one, reliving all his past experiences, his wrongs, his friends and fanily suffering, while hearing Reaper Jester take joy from his pain. Instead of sadness, Danny is now filled with rage, rage that helps him and Neo grow stronger.
48 Broken Hearts July 14, 2010 A beautiful girl catches the hearts of everyone while Danny Phantom Neo faces the new foe, Harpy and her form of Guillotine Harpy. Danny's eye is too busy seeing this girl named Megan. However Megan may not be the innocent girl he sees and is feeding of the love of her victims, as she is really Guillotine Harpy. It may take a broken heart to break her grip on Danny.
49 Hunger for Power July 15, 2010 Danny and Neo face a new threat from the evil Yiper and her shape changing form of Empress Viper. Disguised as a grown beauty, she turns "the creepy abandoned hospital" into a kid's playhouse. All the young kids in town come to play, however this is all a plan to make the children her new feast. And when Danielle is now one of the hostages, its up to our two heroes to save the day.
50 Heart of Blue July 16, 2010 Trident Dolphin and Danny Phantom Neo face off against the undersea evil of Kraken and his form of Terror Kraken. The creature of the deep starts attacking ships and when one of the ships is a medical boat carrying injured people, the devilish monster will face the wrath of Phantom Neo.
51 The Underground Maze January 10, 2011 A hideous insect known as Weevil, now called Tunneler Weevil, captures the comatose Jack and uses him to lure Danny Phantom Neo to his maze. While seemingly a fool of a foe, Weevil is an undermining and vicious Cosmic Spirit. He pulls cruel pranks and tricks on Danny that causes harm to Jack and the city above. Can Danny save the city or his father?
52 Robots Everywhere January 11, 2011 The mechanical Gear becomes the evil Android Gear and takes over the machines of Amity Park. His plan is to obliterate the forests and capture the people to work labor. Android Gear goes as far as put them in electric leashes and use lashes to make them work without rest or food. Once Danny sees his family is in chains, he and Neo unleash their might.
53 Atomic Disaster January 12, 2011 The hazardous living toxic waste known as Toxic and his form of Behemoth Toxic poison the woods and water. Withing two days half the city is polluted and poisoned. Sea life are dying while the air has become toxic. Seeing how the destruction of this world matches what Solaris has done, Neo shows his concern for Earth when he helps Danny by taking the blow of poison.
54 Bad Bones January 13, 2011 Skull, a grim reaper of a spirit, puts Danny under a spell, using him in his sleep and having him attack the city. Now Infernal Skull decides to cause more trouble with his flames. Infernal Skull's control over Danny gets stronger and stronger and by midnight, his grip will be permanent. When no one can save him, can Neo be the only one to free him?
55 Ghosts of Yesterday January 14, 2011 The next of the 13 is Magic and his transformation of Witch Doctor Shaman. With his power, he brings all of Danny's past non-reformed non-13 Cosmic Spirit foes back to life without the need for a host. Danny Phantom Neo battles with Burner Thrust, Talon Crow, Savage Beast and many more. However, as the battle ensues, Danny notices his foes seem to be crying. It seems Witch Doctor Shaman is controlling them against their will to fight Danny. Now Danny and Neo must save their foes.
56 Solaris Returns, Part 1 February 11, 2011 Solaris is breaking out of his comet. Corona Nexus sends two of the 13, Gladiator and Wheel, to keep him from being free. Danny and Neo go to stop them, but the transformed states of Punch Gladiator and Speed Wheel prove to be tough. However, they are both already too tough and when Danny has to face only the fast and furious Speed Wheel, he will need a new idea to win.
57 Solaris Returns, Part 2 February 11, 2011 Speed Wheel has fallen and now Danny faces Punch Gladiator. But is it too late to stop Solaris?
58 The Ultimate Plan May 2, 2011 Royal Solairs makes his rampage through the streets of Earth to find Nexus and Professor Max. While Danny tries to keep him down, Nexus sends the final member of the 13, Monster and his form of Abomination Monster, to finish the job. Now Danny Phantom Neo must face two powerful enemies for the price of one!
59 Planets Unite: Worlds Apart May 3, 2011 Corona Nexus puts his plan to action... he has captured and destroyed all cosmic spirits and sotres their essence in machines which he is using a long with storing devices in the planets Solaris sent invaders to so he can absorb their power. And now the final phase of his plan is in action and now a legend must be born from the ancestors of Planet Cosmos... that one hero of the universe will stop such a Glactic threat!
60 Corona Nexus, King of the Universe May 4, 2011 Royal Solaris attempts to defeat Corona Nexus and falls in humilation and defeat. Now Corons Nexus has absorbed his former king's power and is now beginning his takeover of the universe. Now all of Danny's friends and foes along with Neo's fellow fallen Cosmic Spirits, contacting from within the now giant Corona Nexus, must find a way to stop him. And the only way to do that is to follow the legend "Unite two worlds together"!
61 The Final Battle of Danny Phantom Neo, Part 1 May 5, 2011 The plan is simple, to send several ghosts into Corona Nexus, with several humans, and work alongside the reformed defeated Cosmic Spirits to destroy the power core within the giant Corona Nexus and make him lose all that power. Meantime, Danny must face him using all of his Duo-Morph forms to stop him. Simple, yet difficult to accomplish. But will they be able to do so?
62 The Final Battle of Danny Phantom Neo, Part 2 May 5, 2011 The time has come. The plan is almost set, but Danny and Neo are losing their forms. One by one they run out of ideas. And when the plan is set, and everyone on Earth and Nexus gives their forms a power boost. With his defeat inside and out, are Max and Nexus done for... or do they have one final trick to pull off?
Note: This the series finale.