Danny Phantom Picks is a homemade DVD that contains the hand pick 20 episodes chosen by Danny Phantom.

Official summaryEdit

This is the official summary from the back of the DVD:

Your wish has been granted. Because in this 4-disc set are some of the very best episodes picked by Danny Phantom. See Danny Phantom as he meets his clone Dani Phantom, meets Valerie Gray, and begins dating Paulina. This collection also inculdes the first TV movies Reign Storm and The Ultimate Enemy. There's no collection like Danny Phantom Picks.


Disc 1Edit

  • 1.Memory Blank
  • 2.Mystery Meat
  • 3.Shades of Gray
  • 4.Bitter Reunions
  • 5.Reign Storm (1)

Disc 2Edit

  • 6.Reign Storm (2)
  • 7.Splitting Images
  • 8.The Ultimate Enemy (1)
  • 9.The Ultimate Enemy (2)
  • 10.Lucky in Love

Disc 3Edit

  • 11.Flirting with Disaster
  • 12.Parental Bonding
  • 13.Torrent of Terror
  • 14.Kindred Spirits
  • 15.One of a Kind

Disc 4Edit

  • 16.My Brother's Keeper
  • 17.The Million Dollar Ghost
  • 18.Maternal Instincts
  • 19.Girls' Night Out
  • 20.Public Enemies