The Phantom and the Dragon is a fan movie created by CAPRAFILMS.


An artifact from Danny's European heritage finds its way to the Fentons. A ruby that turns out to be a dragon egg, hatching into a ruby dragon that Danny named Drake. Now all medieval spirits wish to claim the world's last baby dragon for themselves. But there is something in the ghost zone, a linkage to the true reason the dragons went extinct and now Danny must protect the world's hope to stop an army of evil dragons from destroying Earth.

New CharactersEdit

  • Drake -- Danny's newest "pet" dragon. Drake holds a mysterious power that could either save the world or destroy it...
  • John (Dragonslay) -- An "angelic" warrior who claims to be wiping out the plague of dragons... He serves undcer Aragon to destroy Drake
  • Kaiser Draco -- The ancient supposed king of dragons who holds a mysterious role of the dragons disappearance and the evil plot.