The Crystal Comet is the fifth Danny Phantom movie created by CAPRAFILMS.


Every 200 years, a spectacular coment made of pure crystal passes over the planet. It is a spectular sight that is at its most beautiful, but also at its most dangerous. A ghostly cult of ancient warriors are capturing seeming unrelated devices and are building a super weapon of some sort to seize the comet's power. But someone or something is calling out to our hero, Danny. A young voice saying that the comet must not be destroyed, but the warriors claim they wish to take its power to avoid danger. What is the truth of the Crystal Comet?


  • The Crystal Warriors -- A group of warrios, based on the zodiac signs, They claim to be attempting to save the world by taking the comets power to revive an "angel." They are Cygnus, Draco, Leo, Delphin and Taurus. They wear crystal armor.
  • Starbolt -- A tiny child-like ghost that seems to call Danny "Brother." He has some locked power as he was in a chunk of the comet that broke off.
  • Apollo -- An ancient angelic ghost who serves as the main villain of the story. It is said he attempted to "purify the world" but was stopped by Starbolt. Thier history will reveal an ancient rivalry between two angelic ghosts as we learn what "purify" meant.