For ages, the world has experienced incidents known as "Shadow People", and one city in Europe known as "Luminita" has experienced them toa part where Danny's attention is called. After making friends with its Princess, Amy, Danny discovers a dark and evil plot that will forever change the way you've ever seen the Ghost Zone. A lost sister-dimension of the Ghost Zone, a plot involving a young princess, a love triangle and the restoration of the first true ghostly threat.

New CharactersEdit

  • Princess Amy- The young princess of Luminita, who knows the secret of the Shadow People. She develops a crush on Danny.
  • Black Atrocity- A giant dinosaur like shadow that Danny constantly battles. It has no true conscience and is an empty and destructive shell.
  • Dark Phantasm- A shadow that manifests its physical form while passing Danny and takes on his appearance with pale white skin, no mouth, red eyes, inverted colors and a backwards emblem. As the most intelligent of the shadows, he takes charge in restoring their leader. As he grows ins strength, his body becomes more crystalline and knight-like, along with a sword and shield.
  • Chernobog- The mysterios slavic deity of evil who is the main antagonist. Centuries ago, humanity's sinful nature created him and he attempted to whipe out all life... until "a love for a hero" helped seal him away in anew dimension. TO keep his eye, he created several shadow people. He must find three artifacts of Luminita and must offer "a good soul" to break the seal.