Deep between the Bermuda triangle lies the city of Atlantis, where a city of natural halfas once lived. That city has finally arisen from its underwater tomb and has sent energy waves that attracted certain humans. There, Danny and Danielle find themselves new friends but an ancient evil that wants to make the entire planet share the same fate as Atlantis. And when Vlad gets involved... things get more dangerous!

New CharactersEdit

  • Blake- Danny's new rival. He is a direct descendent of the Atlanteans and takes full pride of his power. Arguably their relationship is not unlike that of Naruto and Sasuke, as Danny's non-natural powers are somehow stronger than Blake's and he wishes to help Vlad's plan go underway. However he learns in the end that Danny does not consider Blake inferior and finds the true strength of friendship.
  • Mira- Blake's cousin. In her ghost form, she wields ninja-like abilities. She, like Blake, desire to prove they are superior to Danny. However, she develops feelings for the young hero and decides against it faster than Blake does.
  • King Timeaus- The king of Atlantis, he has somehow survived over the years in his sunken city... exactly how is revealed along the story
  • Leviathon- The behind the scenes main antagonist of the movie. He appears through the King's left eye. What connection he has with the king is revealed along the way