Casper High School
Modern-Day Exterior

Casper High Fountain
Modern-Day Interior 1

Casper High Hallway
Modern-Day Interior 2

The Split Zone
1950's Era

Casper High School

Casper High School (commonly referred to as "Casper High") is a school in Amity Park that also happens to be the only school shown throughout the series. The main Wiki page is here.

Mainstream MediaEdit

From the original show, this campus has been around at least since the 1950s (from "Splitting Images"), runs a school newspaper called "Casper Hi-Lites," and the athletics' mascot is a raven featuring red, black, and white colors. The known faculty and students from the original series are listed below. However, there are a plethora of other unnamed background characters throughout the series, including students like this boy, this girl, and the fan-based named "Wes Weston," based on the infamous ring with an inscription that Sam misreads as "Wes" in "Flirting With Disaster." Some examples of unnamed faculty include three female teachers seen in the end of "Forever Phantom" when Mr. Lancer wakes up unknowingly in the women's restroom.


  1. Principal Ishiyama -- The principal
  2. Mr. Lancer -- A teacher and the Vice Principal
  3. Ms. Tetslaff -- The head Health teacher
  4. Mr. Falluca -- A teacher


  1. Danny Fenton
  2. Jazz Fenton
  3. Tucker Foley
  4. Sam Manson
  5. Paulina Sanchez
  6. Dash Baxter
  7. Kwan
  8. Star
  9. Valerie Gray
  10. Dale
  11. Brittany
  12. Tiffanie
  13. Sarah
  14. Rebecca
  15. Nathan
  16. Ashley
  17. Mia
  18. Mikey
  19. Hannah
  20. Spike


  • The school's name is a reference to the 1945 cartoon series, Casper, The Friendly Ghost, the first appearance of the title character, who would appear in many future cartoons and movies over the following six decades.
  • There are apparently only 12 students in Mr. Lancer's class.
  • Both modern-day interior images are artistic renderings based on the original series made by firefuryamahira and are originally from their gallery on All rights to those images are in their name and used respectfully.

SC StoriesEdit

Within the Danny Phantom: Spectral Connections series, this location continues to be an ideal meeting place for the main cast through most of the series. Pending more...