Amity Park is the hometown of Danny and most of his friends. The town derives its name from the actual town, Amityville, where the story The Amityville Horror takes place. Amity Park seems to be somewhere in Minnesota.

Mainstream Media

Amity Park Welcome Sign
Mainstream Media

Amity Park is used in Nickelodeon's show Danny Phantom that, with strong evidence throughout the series, is believed to be in the Central US near the Great Lakes. David Kaufman once stated that it is located somewhere in Minnesota, and many others believe that Lake Eerie is actually a direct parody of the real Lake Erie. It is depicted as a moderately large city -- mainly an urban city, reminiscent of Chicago, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. The city has several downtown areas with modern skyscrapers. Amity Park is home to an observatory, city hall, major research lab, museum, school system, fire and police departments, restaurants and a shopping mall.

Known Locations

SC Stories

Within the Spectral Connections series, Amity Park is relatively the same as it appears in the original show. It is still the homestead for Danny, his family, friends, and classmates, but with the addition of a few new characters. More to come later!